Benson Hines

Benson Hines is an avid writer, speaker, and researcher for the field of college ministry. His ebook, Reaching the Campus Tribes, has been well received from all across the college ministry spectrum. His daily blog, Exploring College Ministry, is read by numerous college ministers across the country. And his speaking engagements have included denominational gatherings, a seminary course, and several college ministry conferences.

the big research

From August 2007 to August 2008, Benson took a year-long road trip to research Collegiate Ministry around the country; the trip ultimately reached 181 campuses and 44 states. Since then, he has continued exploring college ministry in the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex (where he lives) and around the U.S. in seven additional multi-state road trips (so far).

His discussions with 400 or 500 ministry leaders have included not only hundreds of individual college ministers but also national leaders, seminary professors, church pastors, church planters, and others.

college ministry experience

Before the yearlong research trip, Benson was involved in directly ministering to college students for about eight years in three very different settings: a “college town,” a “college-affected town” with three Christian schools, and finally as a full-time church college minister in Dallas. He’s also had the opportunity to write, including as a regular correspondent for one denominational newspaper and a few articles in national publications. He has also blogged regularly about college ministry since July 2007.


B.A. in Psychology, Texas A&M University (Summa Cum Laude, 4.0 grade point)

M.A. in Theology, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, with majors in Biblical and Theological Studies and the completion of a Thesis.

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