The Strategist

The students graduating from our youth groups and the students filling our local campuses aren’t being served by our churches like they should be.

I really want to help that change.

Regardless of church size, investment available, “contemporary” or “traditional” feel, proximity to a campus, or any other factors, I can help any church that would like to impact college students better. I’ve had a unique set of experiences that allow me to ask good questions, provide great ideas, evaluate present efforts, or simply brainstorm with you.

This is perfect for any church starting (or re-starting) its efforts, but it’s also great for an established college ministry that wants to jump boldly into the future.

There are lots of ways I can help, including:

  • Spending a couple of days evaluating your present situation and then discussing possibilities for the future.
  • Speaking to church leaders or members about the value, aims, and possibilities for college ministry.
  • Spending several days with your present college ministry, deeply assessing current strengths and weaknesses and helping develop a road map for the future.
  • Doing any of this with multiple local ministries, helping maximize our time and your investment.

How can I offer something unique?

I’ve spent the last thirteen years in the field of college ministry, most of which has involved serving students directly in churches.

But the last five years, I’ve researched Evangelical college ministry throughout the nation. I’ve spent time on 300+ campuses in 48 states, and I’ve discussed ministry with several hundred individual leaders. Much of my research has examined church-based college ministry – including at many of the better-known churches in the U.S. (and smaller churches doing things really well, too). I even keep a daily blog for a wide audience at, and I graduated from seminary a few years ago.

What might happen if, together, we developed your church’s best College Student Plan? Click here.

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