Oftentimes a collegiate effort … begins with some sort of leader assigned simply to “grow the ministry.” Yet as I noted earlier, this “just try something” approach often leads to real difficulties establishing truly solid college ministry work. In other cases, ministries begin their work on campus by copying the strategies received from other contexts. This, too, does not hold much promise for helping a campus mission reach its full potential.

What if instead we spent [time] developing our strategy? This is how many missions efforts begin their work among new people groups. Why shouldn’t we take the same approach? -from my book, Reaching the Campus Tribes, pages 105-106


It’s clear that each church has its own unique situation – including its location, finances, people, and programs. Further, every college campus functions much like an individual “tribe” – with differences in culture, needs, and opportunities for ministry.

If there are all these differences, aren’t strategy and discernment key for building strong college ministries? It seems like most churches struggle to build long-lasting, effective college ministries. Wouldn’t developing an effective College Student Plan help save us time, money, energy, and frustration in the long run?

This method parallels what foreign missionaries do all the time: spend time evaluating the mission field, studying the possibilities, and praying through the options. And even though it takes some time up-front, missionaries impact people far better this way, and they minimize the waste of resources, time, and energy.

In just a few days, I can help your church evaluate its possibilities and develop a smart strategy for moving forward.

However we do it, I think you’ll be surprised at the fruit that can come from our time together.

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