The Potential!

Right now, individual churches, our communities, and the worldwide Church can see amazing blessings from collegians. College students are capable of handling huge commitments and exerting astounding amounts of energy. Obviously, they can also be quite passionate. Plus they often have more “margin” to devote to causes they care about – with more free time, more disposable income, greater physical resilience, more flexible schedules, and fewer attachments and responsibilities than they may ever have again.

As some churches and other Christian organizations have already noticed, these ingredients allow college students to be an inordinate blessing to whomever will welcome them. Consider your own church and other Christian organizations you are familiar with. Imagine the potential for college students to impact these places. What would the influx of even a dozen dedicated, passionate, flexible, teachable college students mean to your group? What if you received far more over the next several years? -from my book, Reaching the Campus Tribes, page 76


What might happen if our church discerned – and carried out – its best possible College Student Plan?

  • The church’s youth would look forward to strong, relevant impact after they graduate from high school. (And could feel “at home” in our church for potentially the rest of their lives!)
  • If God leads, we could participate in an important missions opportunity in our own backyard: reaching local colleges for Christ.
  • Local Christian students looking for a church home would feel welcomed and loved.
  • Students joining the congregation would provide the church with vibrancy, energy, and excitement.
  • Students could provide a helpful “volunteer corps” for the church, including Missions opportunities, Youth Ministry, Children’s Ministry, Greeting, and many other areas.
  • After they graduate, those same students could provide the foundation for an incredible Young Adult ministry.
  • We would be taking our church’s best – and simplest – opportunity to change the world, by impacting people at perhaps the biggest “hinge moment” of their lives.

If we leave a gap in strong ministry between Youth and Adults, have we really “fulfilled our ministry” to the people God gave us as children? But developing a College Student Plan fulfills this calling, whether that means a full-fledged “college ministry” or something that fits us better.

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