We all recognize what an important time of life the college years can be. It’s an opportunity for people to grow spiritually and even minister to others in new and profound ways. But it’s also a time when many put their faith “on hold” or even backslide – often in new and profound ways! So we wonder whether college students connected to our church – our “home-grown” youth group graduates, as well as students attending local campuses – are really finding the spiritual success they should.

Discovering the role a church should play in reaching college students is pretty difficult. This is actually a common problem for lots of churches, as I’ve found through interviewing church leaders throughout the country. But the Dallas area has the unique difficulties of a metropolitan setting, a large number of widely diverse campuses, numerous churches, and a huge geographical area to consider.

It’s clear that for most Dallas churches, our usual ways of impacting college students haven’t produced many developed, long-lasting collegiate endeavors. This is true for those who have tried to build large-scale college ministry programs, but it also applies to many who have simply tried to connect with students in smaller, more manageable ways. Other churches may simply be wondering if they have accomplished this vital task to the full extent they can.

If for so many churches our “usual” hasn’t worked, what if we tried something different?

Interested? Let’s start by looking at the problem. (Click here)

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